Guidelines To Cure Asthma Naturally

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a medical condition that is considered to be primarily a hereditary disease which generally catches children during their young age and if left uncared it might develop into a serious problem during adulthood. Frequent coughing at night, sneezing, nose leakage due to dust and other allergens; breathlessness and chest congestion are some of the common symptoms of asthma. People suffering from asthma will suffer in leading a normal life. Most of the people who have asthma have started to stop using pharmaceutical medicines for treatment of asthma and have now seeking various natural methods and medicines to save them from the dangers that the asthma disease can cause on them.

Herbal Medication

If you are suffering from a little phlegm or mucous block in your lungs, then treating it with a very popular herb called Adhatoda or the Malabar Nut will help in reducing the blockage. Te herbal medicine will help in increasing the airflow into the lungs and hence when used for sometime it will help in reducing the effects of asthma on human beings. The herb Asclepias Tuberosa helps in relaxing the muscles that is covering the bronchial passage area and it calms the chest area. The antihistamine rich Anise seed tea will help in reducing the inflammation surrounding the chest area and will clear the air passages in human beings. Chinese Licorice root is the most common herb that is used in China to traditionally treat people suffering from asthma.

Natural Remedial Treatments

Acupressure is one of the most popular natural treatment options for asthma in China centuries ago. It is still practiced in mainland China and the blockage that is caused in the lung or the spleen will be greatly reduced by employing the acupressure treatment that will unblock the energy pathway thereby helping the patients to improved breathing. One of the most common breathing techniques that is practiced in yoga called Pranayama is considered to be an excellent treatment for reducing asthma in patients. Bowen Technique is another natural remedy that is getting popular all over the world. It will help in effectively relaxing the muscles surrounding the chest which normally helps in breathing when a person is suffering from mild symptoms of asthma.


As there are plenty of people who have benefitted from these natural remedies and medications, the use of these natural herbs as medicines that will help in reducing the effects of asthma in patients is becoming popular and the main advantage of these natural methods is that they are 100% organic and natural ad will not have any side effects.

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