Guidelines For Perfect Health

What is health- it is a state of acquiring complete physical, mental and social level of functional efficiency with mere absence of disease or infirmity. It is generally the condition of mind, body and spirit set free from any disease, injury or pain. A good health merely depends on good food, proper exercises and taking proper medicines.Tips to prevent from sickness– a very famous saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ should really be adopted in order to live a healthy and happy live. There are several steps to prevent yourself from various diseases which causes sickness. These tips or activities are being suggested by every doctor or medical experts.

These tips include: washing hands before and after eating food, taking proper diet which include proper nutrients and vitamins, taking proper rest of at least 8hours in a day, pursuing various fitness exercises under the guidance of the instructor, regular health checkups, etc.

Nutritional diet– a good nutritional diet includes vitamins, minerals and energy which are vitally important for a good health. Everyone should take good care of their nutritional needs in order to keep themselves fit and free from diseases. You need to eat healthy food and in correct quantity so that your body gets right amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and protein which is required. The best way to get a nutritional diet daily is to plan your daily meal chart and try and follow the chart for maximum time possible. To make a meal chart you have to first analyze the amount or volume of food you can eat in a day and then decide what nutritional food items you can eat. Basic nutrition comes from fruits, vegetables and dairy products like milk and curd, etc. and they are easily digestible.

Health exercises– exercise is an important tool for managing stress, depression and helps in helps in healing injuries and also prevent from various diseases like heart stroke, high blood pressure, back pain, joint pain, diabetes , etc. many experts recommend that 20-30 minutes aerobic exercise daily leads to greatest health benefits and provides refreshment to mind and body. Performing regular physical exercises shows a great impact on the body. It reduces the risk of dying prematurely and helps building muscles stronger and also promotes psychological well being in a person by improving the state of mind and reducing depression and anxiety and help you to manage the stress.

Guidelines For Perfect Health
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