Fitness Quotient for Modern Generation

Perfect body Shape

6 pack abs is a body shape without any excess fat on the abdomen, tummy & waist. This is a modern concept where in not just youngsters even middle aged people are following. This trend is common for guys than girls. Especially for movie stars who are in show business and earn money through their physical appearance 6 pack abs is a desirable shape. In fact male models with 6 pack abs are successful by flaunting 6 pack abs. When an individual gets in to 6 pack abs he has to reduce excessive fat and build and tone the muscles in the body.  However it is not the only perfect body shape. Appropriate shoulders, biceps, chest and weight as per the height of an individual are also a perfect shape.

Cardio Exercises & Muscle Building

To attain a perfect 6 pack abs there are two basic activities required. First is cardio exercise where in an individual would do rigorous exercise like walking or racing continuously to burn the excessive fat of the body. Cardio exercises increases the heart beat as it’s a continuous motion or activity. Thus it increases the stamina of an individual. Heart patients should avoid such exercise. In fact they could start with a shorter time of 10 mins and could gradually increase the pace. Once the cardio workout is in place the next thing to take care is body muscles. Muscles should be strong and flexible. First step to muscle building is to develop strength by normal pushups. Pushups done on your body weight increases the stamina and strength of the body. Another good means of muscle building is weight lifting.

Professional Help

One can certainly acquire professional help to get 6 pack abs. This could be attained by joining a fitness centre or gym. These centers would have specialized individuals who are enabled to guide individuals basis their body. Although this is a costly affair however certainly result oriented as the professional help would eliminate any accident while weight lifting or pushups.  It’s always recommended to get guidance from a specialist. They also help in providing diet charts with adequate supply of nutrients to the body.

Quick Tips to Get 6 Pack abs

  • Drink lot of water – It’s recommended to keep a water bottle handy. This keeps body hydrated at all times.
  • Regular Workout – It takes time to get the 6 pack, hence follow a routine with regular workout to get in to the desired shape.
  • Avoid preserved drinks & food items – Lot of workout would go to drain if you drink chemically treated food items or drinks as it dilutes the effect.


Fitness Quotient for Modern Generation
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