Brief Information About Anxiety And Depression Disorders


Some level of anxiety is commonly found in all people. Anxiety helps us to be vigilant and to perform better in certain activities it becomes a disorder when the anxiety is uncontrollable. The generalized anxiety disorder or GAD causes worry about the various events in the everyday life. People with anxiety and depression disorders worries about family, money. Health and even expect unrealistic disasters. Slowly the feeling of ear starts to dominate the person and cannot perform daily activities like work, social activities, going out etc. the thinking mechanism of the person get affected in this situation.


Depression can be explained as low spirit or mood felt by a person. Depression can range from short periods to a life time in some cases. In most of the people it does not require any medical attention and will come out of the condition.   It has been found that anxiety and depression has some sort of linking.  About 5 – 10% of the population suffering from depression needs medical intervention.  Most of the people will experience depression at least once in their life time. The factors that cause depression includes severe trauma, death of a close relative and in some cases heredity.

Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression

The symptoms of anxiety disorder includes excessive  worry and tension without any reason, restlessness, unrealistic fear about certain problems, headaches, muscle tension, difficulty in concentrating, frequent visit to toilet, nausea, tiredness,  getting startled easily, trembling etc. People having major depression will be anxious, angry and persistently sad, Feeling of pessimism, guilt and helplessness, loss of interest in hobbies and sexual activities.  The patient Prefers isolation and avoids interaction even with family members. In some cases insomnia is seen and in some cases oversleeping. Thought of death and suicide attempts are also seen in patients with major depression.

Easing The Symptoms

Exercises can improve the symptoms of anxiety and disorders.  Though it is difficult to make people with these disorders to do exercise, once they starts they will feel the difference. Researchers have proved that exercises can create psychological and physical changes in people with anxiety and depression. Exercise will make you relax and feel better. Exercises will cause the release of certain chemicals in the body that reduces depression. It also provides calming effect to the person. It can remove the negative thoughts from the mind giving you more confidence. Start with simple exercises that keep you going.


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