Body Fitness And Weight Lifting

You don’t need any introduction about the fitness programs using weight lifting. Dumbbells and weighted bars are the universal symbol of gym. The weight training method uses force o gravity in order to enhance the growth of your muscles. The continuous contraction and relaxation of body muscles will increase your strength. Endless number of equipments and methods are there for practicing weight lifting. Body building, power lifting, and Olympics weight lifting differs from each other in the method of training and procedures.Build up your muscles

Weight lifting is essential for the growth of your muscles. The strength of muscles depends up on number of repetitions. If you are a beginner, then you can start with low level weights. It is important to increase the weight bars after regular practice. Most people think that small repetition with high weight bars can quickly enhance the growth of your body. But, the quickest method is long term exercise with low weight bars. You will be able to continue your exercise for a long period of time. The number of repetitions can make you strong, more than heavy weight training.

Olympic weight lifting

The process of Olympic weight lifting differs from ordinary weight programs. In Olympics, candidates will try to lift a maximum amount of weigh plates. This item was included in the Olympics after 1970s. There are many different types of weightlifting ranges from 52 Kg to 105 Kg. A special weightlifting category for women introduced in 1987. Most of the world weightlifting championships use the same procedures of Olympics weightlifting.

Weight lifting and body building

In body building, you don’t have to try for maximum weight. Weight lifting in gym is entirely depended up on fitness. Physical trainers will tell you about the processes and methods of body building weightlifting. It is a universally accepted fitness program. The continuous repetition of muscle contraction will enhance the strength and stamina.

Weight lifting and diet

If you are a professional weight lifting athlete, then you might need the help of a dietitian. Food habit plays an important role in the weight lifting. Protein rich diet has the capacity to make your muscles bigger. Drink plenty of water before staring the exercise program. The water molecules will help you to get strength along with stamina. If you want to participate in body building championships, concentrated protein powders and steroids can help you to build up your body.

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