A Better Option For Diabetic Supplies

One of the most common afflictions facing millions of people these days is diabetes.  Over 70 million people in the U.S. Alone have this medical condition and a large portion of them don’t even know it.  While there may not be an actual cure available yet, it is still possible to manage diabetes in a way that allows the majority of people with diabetes to live a mostly normal life.

In order to avoid serious health issues, people with diabetes test their blood glucose levels at least once a day, depending on the severity of their diabetes.  This is an essential step in their day and must never be forgotten.  Self-testing is done through the use of a few basic components including a glucometer and testing strips.

First, the person with diabetes will prick a part of their body, usually the fingertip, with a lancet on the glucometer.  A lancet is like a small needle with a very sharp tip to draw blood cleanly.  Once a drop of blood is available, it is placed on the chemically treated test strip.  From there, the test strip is placed in the glucose meter for a reading.  If the blood is lacking glucose, an insulin shot will be administered with a syringe.

While this may seem like a big hassle to those who are not familiar with the process, the fact of the matter is that this basic process becomes just another part of the daily routine over time.  Of course nobody wants to have to draw blood, but after the first few times it really just becomes second nature.

The supplies necessary to perform these tests can become quite expensive over time, especially if the person with diabetes is not buying them from the best possible source.  Although these necessities may seem relatively inexpensive on a small scale, the fact of the matter is that these items will be used on a daily basis, and over a course of a few years, that money will really add up.

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